Wrap yourself around till rolls

If you have a card terminal, cash register/till or scale that does not require an ink cartridge or ribbon, then you need thermal paper for your device. There are many different products and qualities on the market, so it can sometimes be difficult to find exactly what you need. Here are a few tips to help you make the right choice.

Roll (receipt) width in mm
Exterior diameter of the roll in mm
Length of roll in metres

Size matters

The size of the roll depends on the printing material.
The standard measurements of a reel are always given in mm, in this order: width of the receipt x exterior diameter of the reel.
You'll also be given the length of the reel in metres, as well as the diameter of the core (i.e. the tube around which the paper is wound).

The most common dimensions are:

  • reels with a width of 57 mm (e.g. 57x40 mm) used for card machine receipts,
  • reels with a width of 80 mm (e.g. 80x80 mm) used for till receipts.

The cores have a standard diameter of 12 mm.

A roll for every purpose

The type of paper you need will be tailored to its intended use.

Thermal paper can be sensitive to light, heat and humidity, so it is essential to choose the right quality for the desired shelf life.

Some receipts are not often kept for more than a few days or weeks, for example, receipts for food purchases. Other receipts, however, should be kept carefully and remain legible for many years. This is the case for large purchases or for receipts that serve as a guarantee.

In addition, there are different paper weights available: economy (44g/m²), standard (48g/m²) and premium (55g/m²).


What about 'bisphenol A'?

Bisphenol A (known commonly as BPA) has long been used as a colour developer in the manufacture of thermal paper. A topic of debate for several years, it has been recognised as an endocrine disruptor and is now banned in paper manufacture.
All rolls manufactured by Exacompta are therefore BPA-free. This range is recognisable by its light blue packaging and the ‘0% BPA’ leaf symbol.

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But what is used to replace BPA?

BPA is often replaced by Bisphenol S (BPS), a substance with similar chemical properties, but without the significant disadvantages of BPA. Whilst Bisphenol S performs well, it is slower to biodegrade after use. Exacompta has a solution...
Exacompta offers phenol-free rolls: simply put, featuring neither BPA nor BPS. This range is recognisable by its ‘0% Phenol’ leaf symbol and green box packaging.

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Safe contact, our new eco-friendly paper.

Safe Contact paper is a new generation of thermal paper, a real technological innovation. Manufactured without the need for BPA, phenol or other chemical developers, it is guaranteed to be free of health risks and is approved for direct food contact. Thanks to its impeccable composition, Safe Contact paper is a better choice for the environment and can be recycled with other paper waste.

Slightly bluish in colour, Safe Contact paper is unaffected by heat, humidity and light, guaranteeing a long-lasting print, whatever the storage conditions. Receipts printed in this way should remain legible for a minimum of 35 years, ideal for those important purchases.

Safe Contact rolls are easily identifiable thanks to their dark blue packaging and the ‘Safe Contact’ leaf symbol.

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The Exacompta choice.

All Exacompta-branded reels are FSC®-certified and are made in France, in our own paper factory just north of Paris.

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logo certification FSC
Bisphenol A-freeouiouioui
Bisphenol S-freenonouioui
Chemical component-freenonnonoui
Archive duration10 years10 years35 years
Moisture resistance80%75%oui
Light resistance75%80%oui
Heat resistance90%90%oui
Food contact-safenonnonoui
FSC® certification
Made in Franceouiouioui

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