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For over 40 years, Exacompta Clairefontaine has been integrating ecology and sustainable development into its corporate strategy. The Group aims to be a responsible corporate citizen with each and every activity. Its environmental policy is based primarily on the following actions that enable it to fulfil its commitment.


Using certified paper pulp

When producing new paper, work with organisations to use exclusively certified paper pulp from sustainably managed forests.


Using clean energies

Favoured use of 'clean' energies (such as biomass, hydroelectricity and geothermal energy) or recovered on site.


Using water controls

A big consumer of water during the paper manufacturing process, our Etival factory received one of the first 'Water Trophies' awarded by the French government since 1988.


Using recycled materials

Use of scrap paper collected in our factories in the production of recycled paper; selective collection of other waste and reusing plastics.


Using methods to minimise CO2 emissions

Limiting CO2 releases through advanced industrial sites.

Exacompta's commitment

  • Enabling customers to use 'greener' office solutions, even for everyday products.
  • Pricing eco-friendly products identically.
  • Offering customers the guarantee of independent certifications

60% of our catalogues are now made from certified materials (card, board, paper and even polypropylene). 40% of our ranges have the FSC® or PEFC certifications for virgin paper fibre or the Blue Angel label for recycled materials.

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PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification):

With a presence in 46 countries and 300 million hectares of certified forest, PEFC is the world leader in forest certification and the leading source of certified wood. This certification guarantees that the product you buy, with certified paper or card, comes from responsible sources and your purchase assists in the sustainable management of forests and the fight against deforestation. In our catalogue or on our website, you can find FSC® certified products in product lines including record cards, folders and files.

FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®):

FSC® is a globally recognised, non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting responsible forest management around the world. It covers 200 million hectares of forests and its goal is to promote responsible management of global forests. It does this through ecologically appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable management that meets the needs of present and future generations. The FSC® logo on certified products allows consumers to choose products from these well-managed forests. In our catalogue or on our website, you can find FSC® certified products in our new card ranges, but also among our organisers, sorters, transfer boxes, till rolls and more.

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Blue Angel

The longest serving eco-label of all was created in Germany in 1978 by their Federal Environment Agency. The Blue Angel symbol represents a reliable, yet demanding certification. It is awarded to products meeting strict environmental and health criteria. For Exacompta, Blue Angel certifies products made from recycled materials, such as post-production paper waste or post-consumer plastic. You can be assured that our paper is only certified if it is made from 100% recycled material. You will find many of our Blue Angel recycled products in our Forever® and Guildhall® ranges.

Popular PEFC and FSC® certified ranges

807001E -Paquet de 30 sous-chemises ROCK''S 80 - 22x31cm - Couleurs assorties

Rock''s and Super are our ranges made from virgin fibres.

These ranges are PEFC certified.

Also benefiting from the ISO 9706 standard, these items have a 100-year archiving guarantee and therefore meet permanence standards required by many businesses.

Our perfect colour retention makes it possible to develop brightly coloured files that brighten up everyday organisation.

Discover the Super and Rock''s collections

Products with glossy card

Exacompta is the last manufacturer in Europe to use FSC® certified glossy pressboard card.

What is genuine glossy finished pressboard?

This is card consisting of 100% FSC® certified virgin paper fibre. This means it is not a mix of reused board and new materials.

It has a single-ply structure for greater consistency and robustness with no glue required to assemble layers. Dyed through, plain and non-laminated, it is then polished using an environmentally friendly water-based process.

The advantages of genuine glossy finished pressboard:

Longer lasting

Genuine glossy finished pressboard uses 25% less electricity than sandwiched card, which combines procedures including printing, glueing and varnishing. It is also ISO 9706 certified, a standard that guarantees 100 years of archiving quality.

Discover the genuine glossy pressboard collection

boîtes de classement en carte lustrée
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Genuine glossy pressboard

boîtes de classement en carte lustrée

Standard sandwiched card

Gamme Iderama

Iderama®, is our range made from laminated glossy card

Made with a glossy card which is covered with thin, resistant plastic film. The finished product is always ecological, as Iderama is FSC® certified.

It is more resistant than traditional glossy card with a higher moisture resistance, and thus benefits from a longer life.

Discover the Iderama collection

1928,is our range made from embossed, glossy laminated card

1928 brings together the know-how and ecological commitment of the Exacompta Clairefontaine Group.

The exclusive card originates from Clairefontaine® paper mills.

This card is made from new FSC® certified fibers for responsible forest management. It is tinted (not printed), with dyes added directly into the mixing vat.

Thanks to this unique process, the card has unrivaled folding and resistance qualities.

The card is finished through embossing and a thin layer of lamination is added which reinforces its impermeability and robustness.

Discover the 1928 by Exacompta collection

1928 by Exacompta
Fiches bristol

Aswell as these ranges, many other Exacompta products are certified:

  • - FSC® certified document wallets, boxes, folders and binders.
  • - PEFC certified record cards, folders and filing.
  • -

Popular Blue Angel certified ranges

Chemise Forever®
Chemises extensibles Forever®
logo de la certification Ange bleu uz14b
Forever<sup>®</sup> is our range made from recycled card

Forever® is our range made from recycled card

The Exacompta Clairefontaine Group has a paper mill which only manufactures paper and card recycled from waste paper bales and reclaimed internal waste.

Our manufacturing process allows a record yield of 100 kg of recycled paper produced with only 106 kg of recovered paper. This is more efficient than most suppliers, as in this sector waste is approximately 20 to 30 percent of the paper collected. In addition, the production is carried out without de-inking, optical brightener or chlorine treatment. The recycled papers produced on this site received, among others, the Blue Angel label.

This mill manufactures paper and card from 60 to 600g/m². From 250-300g/m², the card consists of several layers of paper as recycled material does not allow thick layers to be combined at once. Even though several layers are involved, the same 100% recycled material is used throughout. Our Forever® filing items are guaranteed for at least 50 years' archival storage.

In addition to folders, inserts and dividers, Exacompta launched the Forever® filing range to make ecological products easier to access.

  • The range also counters conventional wisdom whereby kraft paper is eco-friendly, so eco-friendly products must only be in kraft
  • It healthily meets the demand for eco-friendly products which, for many, mean recycled products.

This gave rise to Forever® filing, a brightly coloured 100% recycled range including folders, lever arch files, ring binders, archive boxes and more.

Discover the Forever® collection

Forever® is our range made from recycled plastics

After the success of the Forever® paper range, Exacompta sought an equivalent range using plastics, specifically polypropylene, essential for filing items.

The recycled plastic originates from genuine waste, including drinks bottles and white good appliances which are collected and sorted.

The waste is crushed then converted into granules which can be flattened into sheets for filing items or injected for desktop items. Forever® is the only Blue Angel-certified PP recycled range.

Discover the Forever® collection

Forever<sup>®</sup> is our range made from recycled plastics
Logo de la certification Ange Bleu uz30a

An increasing selection of Exacompta products are being converted to Blue Angel -certified recycled products. A large proportion of our office environment items are made from collected, sorted and certified plastic waste, with no negative impact on usability or quality.

Réf 310498D -BIG-BOX - Noir/arlequin

Respect for the European 'REACH' standard

REACH is a European Union regulation adopted to better protect human health and the environment from the risks associated with chemical substances. It helps to better regulate the use of chemical substances, called 'worrying'. Exacompta is in compliance with these regulations and makes every effort to follow any new restrictions and adapt its manufacture if necessary.

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