With Filing, I’m always on top!

I choose the best to stay on top of the game with Exacompta’s folders and binders.

Your essential filing range is here. Exacompta provide products that are used and trusted from our school years right to the end of our career. We have a wide array of ring binders, for office or mobile use, school or office, with a wide choice of colours, some of which are are fully customisable. For greater filing capacity, why not choose a lever arch file.
Elasticated folders are easy to use and convenient to carry, ideal for collecting all your documents in one place. To keep larger documents together, opt for our filing boxes.
Is it just a simple folder that you need? Document wallets are often used to easily organise documents according to themes and colours. For more specific needs, take a look at our square-cut folders, flat bar files, spiral files and other special products for the legal and professional sectors.

Our favourites

Document wallets & folders

As simple as can be. Some with a flap, others with a transparent window. An economic solution to organise suspension files.

Elasticated 3 flap folders

In card or plastic, it is a near essential for quick filing.

Lever arch files

The classic solution, designed to store, organise and view documents, either hole-punched or organised in plastic wallets.

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