To file or not to file, that is the question.

I organise my thoughts and documents with a wide choice of products from organisers to luggage.

Exacompta has designed these items to help you organise in the office and on the move. Exapanding files, bags, suitcases and more. Discover practical and connected objects that really take your needs into account.
Be an organised superstar! Choose dividers to combine with your binders and organisers that can stay in the office, at home or slip into your bag.
For those important letters and signatures, we have just the book for you.
Available with boxes and inserts, record cards optimise organisation, storage and revision.
All Exacompta accessories assist in displaying or storing documents with ease.

Our favourites

Expanding files

To assist with carrying so many documents, some have a handle included and act as small briefcases.


Signature books

To organise signed letters and official documents, several sizes and materials available.


Conference folder

To keep your laptops, cables and documents safely together.

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