Create a gift you’ll cherish with an exacompta photo album

Memories are made every day. There are plenty of opportunities to take out your camera or smartphone and snap a few photos. As the years go by, these precious memories fade away... It’s up to you to bring them back to life! Create a unique photo album to record cherished moments, to keep as a treasured keepsake or as a gift for your loved ones. Follow the guide for 7 original photo ideas.

Album photos pages noires - ARTY

A trendy photo album

Our memories are precious, we like to have them on hand to dive back into them or to share them with our loved ones. Choose a photo album with a trendy design that will blend in perfectly with your interior: a true decorative piece, complete with memories.

Unique content

For a refreshing change from the traditional annual photo album, why not assemble your photos in an original way? Create a themed photo album by gathering the most beautiful smiles, sweet moments or even birthdays, or take one photo a day for a 365 day album that will capture big events as well as day to day memories.

Album photos pages noires - PAON
Album photos pages blanches - Cartes de jeu

A clever two-sided album

This fun little album is perfect for storing children’s photos in an original way. Its double sided cover allows you to fill it out and look at it both ways. Why not use one side for everyday photos and the other for events, or one side for family photos and the other for memories with friends? The possibilities are endless for making this album a unique creation!

Decorate your home with memories

Personalise your home by incorporating your favourite photos into your decoration. Use magnetic frames to display family photos on the fridge, create a garland with your selfies with friends or a jumble of your travel photos, for a trendy look that is 100% personalised.

Kit cadres photos accrochés au mur
Album photos de famille

A family photo album

Family is the most precious thing! Collect your favourite anecdotes, photos, letters or quotes and tell your family’s story with photos. The first pages of this album will help you create your family tree. It’s up to you to make this album unique by completing it with each family member’s portrait. Talk to your grandparents, describe their character traits, their distinguishing features… the little details that become more valuable over time! Here’s a great gift idea that will keep your memories intact and will easily be passed on from generation to generation.

School memories

Gather class photos from kindergarten to the highest grades in a dedicated photo album! You’ll be able to collect all your class photos in one album and you’ll even be able to write down your friends’ names, your best memories and stories of the year! A gift that will increase in value over time and you’ll never want to part with.

Album photos à spirales 50 pages noires pour photos de classe - 32x22 cm
Album photos livre 60 pages noires - Format 29x32cm - LOVE

Wedding photo album

Our Kraft photo albums are perfect for saving precious memories of a wedding in the open air. A photobooth, cameras at your guests’ disposal or photographers will allow you to capture these wonderful times. Highlight these unique pictures in a stylish and natural looking photo album, and collect even more sweet memories with the matching guest book.

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