The FAF pad, a legacy

Traditional manufacturing, in the very heart of Paris. The FAF (Feuille à Feuille) notepad has its origins in Paris, in the Exacompta factory on the Quai de Jemmapes. Originally a power station designed in 1895 by Paul Friesé, the building has been producing this iconic office accessory for almost 70 years.

Bloc FAF ouvert avec dessus une feuille aux lignes dorées et un stylo doré posé dessus

A retro design

The FAF notepad sets the tone straight away: no plastic or fragile materials. Entirely made of aluminium and brass, its design is a tribute to vintage and the industrial design of the 1920s. It stands out on any desk with its singular, almost anachronistic elegance.

Its sturdy construction gives the FAF notepad a weight, quality and sleek design that allows it to stand the test of time.

A sustainable notepad

In an age of expendable goods and programmed obsolescence, the product stands out for its useful and sustainable design: the FAF notebook is rechargeable. Simply unscrew its brass nuts to remove the clip and place the refill to give it a second, third or fourth life, infinitely.

Certified and FSC® labelled, the entire FAF range is committed to responsible forest management.

Haut bloc FAF avec les écrous de la barrette dévisés
Main déchirant une "to do list" du bloc FAF

Write down and take your ideas wherever you go

Ideal for quick note-taking, the FAF notepad remains stable on all surfaces thanks to its non-slip glides.

Its 170 pages in 70g/m² white paper are micro-perforated on the header. They can be torn cleanly with one hand, so you can take your ideas with you wherever you go.

A new ruling for more precision

The range has been extended. The FAF notepad is now also available in its "Dots" version: discrete dots spaced 5 mm apart for more precise notes, sketches or drawings.

Zoom sur la réglure Dots du bloc FAF
Bloc FAF dans son coffret cadeau.

A stunning gift box

The most beautiful tools deserve the most beautiful case, which is why the FAF notepad comes in a beautiful gift box that is as convenient as it is refined.

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