Diaries & Planners

Me, I have dates every day.

With so many dates to remember, Exacompta is your personal assistant.

From secondary school onwards and throughout our lives, we need tools to manage our tasks and time.
Exacompta offers everyone to find the agenda that suits them and that meets their own need for organization.
Using the academic year? Opt for a 12-month "September to September" or "September to December" calendar (16 months) for longer visibility.
Rather organise to the calendar year? Many diaries are ideal for "January to December".
Small or large, daily or weekly, horizontal or vertical, with or without spiral, modern or classic design, it's not easy to choose!
Do you prefer a modular or refillable version (with rings)? Our modifiable diaries can be found in the EXATIME section.
This is a calendar that you need? Check out our wide range of wall models, with an instant view to the semester or month.

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