Aquarel, pastel freshness

With the arrival of brighter times, pastel colours are making a comeback and bringing a breath of fresh air to offices throughout the country. Pastel blue, lemon, mauve, pastel green and coral are soft to the eyes and sweet enough to make our workspaces more pleasant and conducive to concentration.

Bureau tendance. Chemises et protège-documents de la gamme Aquarel sur un bureau en bois. Stabilo et post-it des mêmes couleurs pastels.

Create a fashionable office

Pastel colours are on-trend all year round. Comfortable with any season, they celebrate the arrival of spring, refresh your summer decor, light up your office in autumn and contend with frost in winter for a "hygge" office with Scandinavian accents. To create a new vibe in your office, nothing could make it easier than pastels! Use small accessories to your advantage as small touches will express this style the best. You can choose to combine all five colours for a calm environment, or on the other hand combine them with a contrasting colour such as dark grey or black for a subtle, delicate effect.

The pastel freshness of the Aquarel range

Exacompta has a new take on pastels as expressed in our filing products, with soft and refreshing shades that awaken open spaces and provide a sense of style in home offices.

All your favourite filing essentials are available at affordable prices, with co-ordinated colours for a harmonious way of filing, clever products like our rainbow-inspired sorters and special revision packs for students. We continue our sustainable product commitment, with all Aquarel products on card or paper being FSC®-certified (or PEFC®-certified for sorters).

Classeurs gamme aquarel
Trieurs arc-en-ciel. Gamme Aquarel

Colours of the rainbow

Our brand new sorters allow you to organise your documents and transport them securely in colour-coded pockets. Available in two sizes (A4 documents or 26 x 12.5 cm), they have a multicoloured pastel card interior and are PEFC® certified.
An Exacompta innovation.

Time to revise?

Our special revision packs contain 25 record cards (A5 or 12.5x20cm) and a folder of the same size. This is ideal to continue your revision anywhere, makring sure your notes don't get damaged in transit. No more lost or out of order bullet points! Try organising by colour and become more efficient: structure your revision plans by theme or by subject.

Packs Spécial Révision : Fiches bristols - Chemise à élastiques
Boîtes de classement aquarel

Outstanding quality

With five new exclusive colours specially developed for the Aquarel range, our three-flap folders with elastic straps and filing boxes are made of real glossy card, a tinted and unprinted material that withstands heavy use. The glossy card is, unlike most competing products, both ISO 9706 and FSC® certified. These are your guarantees of quality and sustainability. Any printed documents which are filed in these folders or boxes will retain quality for 100 years!

Keep things together

Ring binders and lever arch files are made from recycled card covered with printed and laminated paper. The interior is made of matt black paper to magnify the shine of pastel shades.

All Aquarel binders are FSC® certified.

Classeurs rembordés gamme Aquarel
Protège document gamme Aquarel

Present in the best way

With a stain and scratch-resistant plastic cover, Exacompta's Aquarel presentation folders are of superior quality, made in France. They are equipped with crystal clear pockets, providing high transparency for reading documents and an unequaled comfort of use. With its soft colours, it is suitable for students and adults alike for personal and professional uses.

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